Children's Perfomances


Peter and the Wolf  Momentum delights young audiences with a perennial children’s favorite! This classic folk tale with music by Russian composer Sergi Prokofiev is the most popular children’s work the company has ever offered! Kids join clever Peter and his friends the Bird and the Duck as they work together to outwit and capture the fierce Wolf. Other characters include grumpy Grandfather and the ridiculous Hunters. Each character is represented by a different instrument of the orchestra and a unique way of moving. Comedy, drama, suspense and excitement make this work a must-see experience.

Peter and the Wolf


Hansel and Gretel - Momentum uses excerpts from Humperdink's famous opera music to create just the right scary feeling. The Wicked Witch lures children to her candy-covered gingerbread house with the evil intention of eating them! Brave and clever Gretel saves her brother from a terrible fate! The cast includes Father and Mother as well as the Angel that protects children and the Witch’s evil helper, the Crow. 

Best for grades Pre-K –4. 5 dancers. Music on CD. 30 minutes in length. *Educational study guide available.





Red Riding Hood – Little Red Riding Hood learns not to talk to strangers, and gets a big scare! The children’s classic story is told through music, narration and dance. Colorful costumes, comic characterizations and exciting dance sequences add to the familiar story.Best for grades Pre-K –4. 4 dancers. Music on CD. 30 minutes in length. *Educational study guide available.


 Red Riding Hood





Goldilocks and the Three Bears – This fun-filled children’s classic tells the story of spoiled Goldilocks and how the three bears teach her a lesson after she disrupts their charming home. The story, featuring colorful costumes and upbeat, character-oriented dance movement, is told through dance, music and narration. Goldilocks transforms from a spoiled brat into a delightful young lady after her encounter with the three bears.Best for grades Pre-K –4. 4 dancers. Music on CD. 30 minutes in length. *Educational study guide available.


Goldilocks and the Three Bears






Mark Twain’s Jumping Frog of Calaveras County – Beloved American author Mark Twain’s hilarious classic short story comes to life through dance. Smiley, the gambler, bets his frog can out-jump and frog in Calaveras County; but the mysterious stranger has something up his sleeve! The story is told through Mark Twain’s prose, bluegrass and country music, colorful costumes and high-jumping dance movement. A must-see for students studying American literature!Best for grades 5-9. 1 narrator, 4 dancers. Music on CD. *Educational study guide available.


Mark Twain's Jumping Frog of Calaveras County




Fish Tales – This exciting and colorful environmentally conscious work tells the story of marine life on Florida’s coral reefs and their beautiful, but fragile environment. Meet Madame Manatee and Senora Stingray as they lead the underwater inhabitants (peppermint stripe shrimp, parrotfish, jellyfish, grouper and more) in cleaning up their neglected reef. This program is fun and empowering as the characters send a message of personal responsibility for conservation. Colorful, imaginative costumes and an original  Caribbean style musical score make Fish Tales a must see! Best for grades 1-5. 5 dancers. Music on CD. 30 minutes in length. *Educational study guide available


Fish Tales - Stingray





Counting Songs – This fun and action packed 30-minute performance teaches younger children their numbers 1-8 while simultaneously teaching the multiplication tables for the same numbers to older kids. Each number comes to life with an original song by local composer Devin Marsh and a dance by Momentum's delightful, goofy, and high-energy dancers. Each song is in a different musical style (jazz, reggae, rock, Caribbean, classical, rap) and each dance has a special element such as puppets, scarves, stuffed animals, rhythm instruments and more! "Counting Songs" is the most fun you can have doing math!  Best for grades 3-6. 5 dancers. Music on CD. 30 minutes in length. * Educational study guide pending.


Counting Songs






How We Make Dances – Through performance of age-appropriate selections from Momentum’s extensive repertory, dancers demonstrate basic ideas of dance composition such as levels in space, speed, dynamics, use of body parts in isolation, theme, and emotion. These are illustrated by movement demonstrations and the repertory excerpts. Kids give dancers "movement assignments" to complete. Audiences receive a basic education in understanding the structure of dance and how to look at, evaluate, and appreciate it.Adaptable for all grade levels and adults. 8 dancers. Music on CD. Post performance audience discussion recommended. *Educational study guide available. 


 A Dancing Imagination -  Momentum shows kids how any topic can be fodder for dance by using your imagination. Duet is an unusual pas de deux for a dancer and electric car. I See A Song explores how we can “see” music and “hear” color. Bubble Wrap has the dancers popping that irresistible stuff through rhythms in their feet, ballet steps, jumping and rolling and more hilarious antics. Power Hitter incorporates the world of sports in a portrait of a baseball player trying to hit a home run.

Best for grades 3-8. 5 dancers. Music on CD. 30 minutes in length.


Dance and Sports –A rollicking program that finds the linkages between dance and sports! The program emphasizes athleticism, coordination, preparation and training, teamwork and sportsmanship. The dancers perform works from repertory: Ball Dance (movements derived from many different sports that utilize balls: basketball, soccer, tennis, ping pong, football, etc.), Power Hitter (baseball) and short movement studies on swimming, basketball, golf, running, & volleyball. Kids play "Sports Channel" with dancers - a game in which the player points a TV remote at a dancer who has to improvise movement depicting a specific sport. Each time the remote changes to a new player, the sports "channel" changes also. Kids love this! Groups develop and show their own movement at the end. Best for grades 3-12, 7 dancers,, Music on CD. 30-50 minutes in length. *Educational study guide available. 



Dance and Animals – Momentum uses selections from the company’s extensive repertory to draw parallels between dance movement and the movements of animals. Narration emphasizes descriptive words such as adjectives and adverbs and a wide variety of movement is explored: slinky, aggressive, shy, delicate, powerful, squirmy and more. The dances performed in explore the movement of horses, an assortment of jungle animals, frogs, and birds. A special interactive section of the program allows audience members to select ideas for animal movement that the dancers turn into short improvisational animal portraits.Best for grades Pre-K through 5. 6 dancers. Music on CD. 40 minutes in length. Post performance animal movement workshop recommended. *Educational study guide available.