One to 1 1/2 hours including question and answer period.
Best for high school to adult audiences.

Momentum's Lecture Demonstrations are interactive educational programs designed to explore ideas about dance in some depth and to give audiences greater insight and confidence in looking at and evaluating dance for themselves.

Looking at Dance
This extremely popular program could be called an introduction to dance criticism. It breaks dance works down into their component parts (space, structure, use of the body, theme, dynamics), and has the audience analyze them through questions and discussion. Audiences are shown how they can repeat this process with any dance work they might view to gain a better understanding and appreciation of the art form.

Exploring Context
This fascinating program shows how much context controls our perceptions of meaning in dance and art. Through manipulation of the context of several dance works, the company shows how diverse the interpretations of the same dance movement can be. Every dance critic, as well as local newspaper arts writers, should see this program.

Artists in Collaboration
Momentum presents several works created in collaboration with artists from different disciplines (composers, visual artists, architects, dancers from other dance traditions). Discussion centers on the nature of the collaborative process, how that process can be quite different with different artists, what are the difficulties in collaboration; as well as which collaborations were more successful and which were less so and why. Availability subject to the schedules of the participating artists.