In addition to full concert performances of works from the company’s repertory, Momentum offers the following activities. 


Master Classes 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours

Master Classes taught by Momentum company members are available in modern dance, jazz, Afro-Cuban dance, ballet, improvisation, repertory, and partnering. Classes are offered at beginning through advanced levels for students age 6-12 (Children's Classes) as well as adults and teens. Repertory and partnering are reserved for advanced students only. 


Workshops 1 1/2 to 3 hours (depending on age group and level of dance training) 

Dance Composition - This workshop in the basics of creating dances helps students explore issues such as: use of space, body, dynamics, structure, and theme. It also deals with development of individual creative process and personal movement style. Students develop their own movement segments, then show and discuss with company members. 

Movement for Actors - A special workshop to help actors develop movement in conjunction with scripted material. Emphasis is on showing ideas through movement and developing movement for characters. Aimed at age 12 and over. 

Dance Teacher Training - Specialized programs for dance teachers provide detailed techniques of teaching dance to students from age 3 to adults. Techniques provided are applicable to modern dance, jazz, and ballet teachers. Specific exercises and sample classes are included; as well as discussions on how to handle difficult children, how to work with the physical problems of certain body types, how best to nurture the exceptional student, etc. 

Programs for children and students (in-school, community centers, etc.) Because Momentum’s philosophy embraces direct, hands-on experiences for kids, each program can be followed by a movement workshop in which the company’s dancers will explore themes presented in the show with children in the audience. After watching the dancers perform, kids are divided into groups. Each group is headed by a company member who explores the movement possibilities of the theme with the kids. Programs end in a show and tell where each group shows what they discovered. (Maximum 40 students in a workshop.) 


American Work Songs – A curriculum based program addressing American history, this program tells the story of work and labor in America through authentic songs sung by people to help them in their work. Accompanied live by storyteller and balladeer Judy Gail, the dancers perform to work songs of Native Americans addressing hunting and weaving, to songs from the early days of American development such as farming, the sea. A special section addresses the slave era and its unique music and movements. Other songs are from the industrial revolution including the railroads, coalmines and factories. Work as we know it today is addressed as well. Some songs such as John Henry and Take this Hammer will be familiar to students. Others will make the people, their lives, and working conditions come to life.

Best for grades 5-9. 1 singer/storyteller provides live accompaniment, 3 dancers. Available in 30 minute and one hour versions. *Educational study guide available. 


Women of Valor – This program, performed with singer/storyteller Judy Gail, offers mini-portraits in dance and music of women who shaped our nation, telling their stories and giving insight into their lives and times. Topics include human rights, slavery, women’s suffrage, the labor movement and workers rights among others. Portraits include Clara Barton, Harriet Tubman, Dolores Huerta, Amelia Earhart, Sally Ride and many more. These valiant and influential women come to life as the dancers tell their stories accompanied by meticulously researched music from their eras.

Best for grades 6-12.1 singer/storyteller provides live accompaniment, 3 dancers. Available in 30 minute and one hour versions. *Educational study guide available.

How We Make Dances – Through performance of age-appropriate selections from Momentum’s extensive repertory, dancers demonstrate basic ideas of dance composition such as levels in space, speed, dynamics, use of body parts in isolation, theme, and emotion. These are illustrated by movement demonstrations and the repertory excerpts. Kids give dancers "movement assignments" to complete. Audiences receive a basic education in understanding the structure of dance and how to look at, evaluate, and appreciate it.

Adaptable for all grade levels and adults. 8 dancers. Music on CD. Post performance audience discussion recommended. *Educational study guide available.

SEE ALSO: CHILDREN'S PROGRAMS for the Residency Menu of performances for ages 4-10 and families!   


Lecture Demonstrations One to 1 1/2 hours including question and answer period.Best for high school to adult audiences. Momentum's Lecture Demonstrations are interactive educational programs designed to explore ideas about dance in some depth and to give audiences greater insight and confidence in looking at and evaluating dance for themselves. 


Looking at Dance - This extremely popular program could be called an introduction to dance criticism. It breaks dance works down into their component parts (space, structure, use of the body, theme, dynamics), and has the audience analyze them through questions and discussion. Audiences are shown how they can repeat this process with any dance work they might view to gain a better understanding and appreciation of the art form. 


Exploring Context - This fascinating program shows how much context controls our perceptions of meaning in dance and art. Through manipulation of the context of several dance works, the company shows how diverse the interpretations of the same dance movement can be. Every dance critic, as well as local newspaper arts writers, should see this program. 


Artists in Collaboration - Momentum presents several works created in collaboration with artists from different disciplines (composers, visual artists, architects, dancers from other dance traditions). Discussion centers on the nature of the collaborative process, how that process can be quite different with different artists, what are the difficulties in collaboration; as well as which collaborations were more successful and which were less so and why. Availability subject to the schedules of the participating artists.  


Artist Round Table Discussions One hour to ?? (depending on how intense the discussion becomes)These are informal discussions with artists of all disciplines from the local area to talk about artists' concerns, problems, insights, etc. These have been very popular, particularly helping to demystify dance in areas where not much professional dance has been seen. Also excellent for presenters to offer in advance of a concert to create local interest. 


Historical Lectures/Video Presentations One hour plus question & answer periodThese are excellent to offer in advance of a performance to civic groups and clubs who are interested in learning more about the upcoming concert. They are particularly useful when facilities do not permit actual dance activity. 


Children's Dance Classes 

One hour. Ages 3-5. These are distinguished from Master classes and technique classes because they are aimed at the youngest group of children, and are oriented toward providing a fun, creative, positive, dance movement experience rather than instruction in a specific dance technique. Classes emphasize coordination, locomotor movement, rhythm, strength building, and creative exercises. 



One hourMini-Performances are short presentations, often of excerpts from repertory rather than full length works. They include some narration and explanation. They are typically given in facilities where a full performance is not possible, or as a preview event in advance of a full concert. They provide a "taste" of what the company has to offer.  

Additional Educational Programs

Arts in Education Program




Momentum has been actively involved in educational programming since its inception in 1982. Momentum’s Artistic Director, Delma Iles, is considered a statewide leader in developing innovative educational children‘s programs and in advocating for them. She has served on the Board of Directors of Arts for a Complete Education (statewide organization), the Children’s Cultural Coalition (regional organization), and the Florida Dance Association (statewide organization), as well as serving on the Miami-Dade Public Schools Magnet School Advisory Committee. In addition, she has been selected by the Florida Division of Cultural Affairs as a state-designated Arts in Education Artist since 1995. She has been a guest speaker at Arts for a Complete Education’s Summer Leadership Conference in 1999, 1997, and 1995. In 1999 she conducted a special workshop at the Florida Dance Festival entitled Designing Programs for the School System, which was accompanied by a performance of the curriculum-based educational program for schools: American Work Songs

In School Programming


Current Arts in Education initiatives:

Residency – Perrine Elementary School
Residency – South Miami Middle School
Residency – West Miami High School 

Extended Residency -  Artz-N-The-Hood, Carrie Meek Community Center

Each site receives 16 weeks of free dance instruction for two groups of 20-30 students conducted by Momentum’s teaching personnel. Additionally, Momentum’s teaching artists create original works for each student group to perform in their annual dance concerts.

Public Programming for Children




Momentum takes all of the above described children’s programs “on the road”, performing them in a variety of community settings. The company has provided a four-part children’s series at the Coral Gables Public Library since 2001. Momentum also has provided children’s programs at the Miami Book Fair International since its inception. The company regularly provides children’s programs as part of its touring menu and has been presented statewide as well as in Mexico and the Bahamas. Other frequent venues for children’s programming include: the Bass Museum of Art, the Miami Children’s Museum, various libraries within the Miami-Dade County, Broward County and Monroe County library systems, and of course, in numerous public and private schools throughout South Florida.

Momentum is available for children’s programming in:
Community centers
Other community and educational settings