1 1/2 to 3 hours (depending on age group and level of dance training)

Dance Composition
This workshop in the basics of creating dances helps students explore issues such as: use of space, body, dynamics, structure, and theme. It also deals with development of individual creative process and personal movement style. Students develop their own movement segments, then show and discuss with company members.

Movement for Actors
A special workshop to help actors develop movement in conjunction with scripted material. Emphasis is on showing ideas through movement and developing movement for characters. Aimed at age 12 and over.

Dance Teacher Training
Specialized programs for dance teachers provide detailed techniques of teaching dance to students from age 3 to adults. Techniques provided are applicable to modern dance, jazz, and ballet teachers. Specific exercises and sample classes are included; as well as discussions on how to handle difficult children, how to work with the physical problems of certain body types, how best to nurture the exceptional student, etc.

Artist Round Table Discussions

One hour to ?? (depending on how intense the discussion becomes)
These are informal discussions with artists of all disciplines from the local area to talk about artists' concerns, problems, insights, etc. These have been very popular, particularly helping to demystify dance in areas where not much professional dance has been seen. Also excellent for presenters to offer in advance of a concert to create local interest.